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The luminousmudbrick COLLECTION – comprising numerous themed photo Galleries – is shaped by two universal themes.

The first is Pleasure: 

Luminousmudbrick, as it happens, is underpinned by a devoutly atheistic view of existence. Yet the strangely ‘spiritual’ atmosphere that pervades many areas of Northern New South Wales and its quirky communities can’t be dismissed. In fact, the COLLECTION specifically tries to capture this somewhat elusive quality  of the region and share the resulting visual kaleidoscope. There is always a connection between landscapes – rural and urban – and the people who live in them. Up here, though, the link is not  just special, it’s mystical, enchanted – (this, from an arch-rationalist…..). And yes, of course, sometimes rough and raw as well. 

But – and here’s the rationalist talking –  you can’t digitally capture ‘mysticism’ or ‘enchantment’. So this COLLECTION tries – against the heavy odds stacked against the attempt – to suggest the ethereal by posting photo Galleries that give immediate visual pleasure. Only minimal text – brief captions – should be needed. The pleasure should lie in viewing the photos themselves, not in written information about them.GREAT EASTERN FLY IN.EVANS HEAD.YAK 52.C.ROLPH-SMITH. PITTS SPECIALS.PAUL BENNET.G.GRAHAM.12 JAN 2014-17


The second underlying theme is History:

Here, an aesthetic  dilemma has to be resolved. Every published photograph and private snapshot ever taken has the potential to be valuable for history, even if completely lacking any formal  visual qualities. Hopefully, the luminousmudbrick COLLECTION  succeeds in documenting the region’s present, for its future history, without sacrificing the visual pleasure principle. 

Luminousmudbrick is not static. The COLLECTION  is also a record of numerous journeys ‘Beyond the Borders’ of the Northern Rivers region. These photo Galleries are  shaped by exactly the same principles as for the local material – visual pleasure, and documenting for the historical record.