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I quit a University post in 1995 to start up a one-man photography business in Perth (Western Australia). Financially, this was the most stupid decision of my life! But in every other way it was the best.  Photography has enriched my life more than I can say. After 22 years, I believe more than ever in the pleasure, and sometimes power,  of the still photo. The challenge for a photographer in the current digital image-soaked social media revolution is to keep finding those elusive powerful and compelling photos which can stand out from numerous high-quality images constantly competing for our attention. Easily said, extremely hard to accomplish.  My move across the country four  years ago to the inspirational, quirky Northern Rivers area of New South Wales encouraged me to keep on trying, by starting up my web COLLECTION of photo Galleries called ‘luminousmudbrick’. It is, and will remain, a record of work in progress.